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Ariella Ferrera
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Genevieve Lee
I was hungry as fuck so I went to Wendy's to get me a big juicy burger. I saw his cute girl eating all by herself. I sat with her and we chatted a bit. She said she was going to the mall after having some lunch so I offered her a ride. We never did get to the mall because I ended up getting a street bj right there in my car.
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Holly Blue
I found this absolutely gorgeous college coed laying down at the beach getting a tan. If you ask me, this sweet beauty is already tanned enough. As she was lying down at the beach I could see her dark colored nipples peeking through her bikini top. I had a little chit chat with her just to get to know her better. Within 15 minutes of flirting with her, I got her to flash her nice boobs to me. We then took a walk over to some bushes and we had some wild no strings attached sex after that.
Jene Doll
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Katie Jordan
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